Here is all you need to know to stay up-to-date.

When was the last time you updated your business Facebook page? In this article Ben Givon will speak about business page optimization according to the latest standards.

Do you get a feeling that there is always something new every time you log into your Facebook page? The larger number of changes applies to the Facebook app and only after that to the Facebook desktop. Here is all you need to know to stay up-to-date.

Design a guide for your audience

The guides for Facebook groups are essential when it comes to organizing the most important information you’d like to share…

Firstly, understanding the concept and definition of affiliate marketing is of utmost importance; before you consider the main reasoning behind choosing to be an affiliate marketer professionally, you must understand the work. The process of passively earning money through commissions that come from marketing a brand’s product or a set of services is affiliate marketing in a nutshell. It means being a salesman and a marketer all wrapped into one; the affiliate marketer finds and picks a product he believes in and later promotes it to a targeted audience. But how does it work exactly and why should you consider…

First and foremost, affiliate marketing by definition, represents the process of earning money passively from commissions coming from marketing a certain brand’s product or service. Being both a salesman and a marketer, the affiliate benefits from selling the merchants products and services for a certain commission fee. The affiliate person searches for a product they believe in and later promotes them to a niche audience; in turn, money is made every time they make a sale, thus the passive nature of this type of income.

These sales are being tracked through affiliate links, moving from one site to another. Simply…

LinkedIn is considered one of the more prominent channels for building your personal brand, let alone establishing yourself as an influential business person and all this within your niche. Maximizing the benefits of this platform implies the understanding of its purpose, while trying to generate the best response and utilize its various tools for optimal effectiveness. …

Did you know that a concise email can be more successful than a thoroughly designed email? Regardless of how fancy your email looks like, if it lacks quality content, your reader will most likely skip reading it.

The question is “How do you write a great marketing email?”. In this article Ben Givon will answer this question while turning his attention to both the subject and the body of the email. When you find yourself writing your next email make sure to check whether it corresponds with the guidelines. …

Each method Ben Givon shares is based on the experience of successful marketers.

These ten ways described in this article should help you improve your chances of success. According to Statista, the spending on affiliate marketing in the business sector should hit over $8 billion in the United States. You can start your game now to profit from this opportunity. Each method that Ben Givon shares is based on the experience of successful marketers. You can read more about affiliate marketing on our website here.

1. Create quality content

If you plan on making money from affiliate marketing, you should make sure to create solid content. Content is present in everything you share with the audience. …

The advantage of affiliate marketing is that you can work with several companies simultaneously.

Affiliate Marketing allows you to make money anywhere, anytime. It is a popular method that drives sales and yields in significant earnings. It is profitable for brands and affiliate marketers.

Affiliate marketing is when you promote other company’s products or services and earn commissions each time someone uses your affiliate link for their purchase. Basically, you are a salesperson, as you help to make a sale and the company pays you.

The advantage of affiliate marketing is that you can work with several companies simultaneously. …

Content is King.

Everyone knows that content is very important for affiliate marketing. It ensures good exposure and promotion for your brand. It executes several functions that are not related to marketing as it is, but at the end of the day the content you write should increase your sales. The content you share should promote readers’ interest in the product or service you offer. Even though it’s important, content is only, a part of your marketing strategy.

It is important to remember that content should be advertised on related websites and blogs. …

Learn about Affiliate Marketing Online

Affiliate marketing is not something you can learn from reading books and attending lectures. It is learn by reading articles like this one and watching educational Youtube videos.

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is when you provide a reference for an online product and the person you have provided the reference to purchases it, so at the end of the day you can earn a commission. The commission may vary from $5 to $1000, or even more.

These are four simple steps on how it works:

  1. You sign up for an affiliate program
  2. You choose a product that you will…

Real Estate Affiliates: Monetization On Facebook
Real Estate Affiliates: Monetization On Facebook
Real Estate Affiliates: Monetization On Facebook

According to statistics data, in 2020 over 50% of people around the globe using some kind of social networking. You may think that Facebook is not a king anymore. Do not rely on it. With close to 70% of Americans utilizing Facebook, there is no risk of dropping relevancy any time soon. However, what exactly does it mean to you personally — especially if you would like to market on Facebook?

But there is a catch. With more than 2 billion consumers and 5 thousand advertisers now employing the media giant, standing out one of them requires just as much…

Real Estate Affiliates

Real Estate Affiliates is an affiliate network that provides profitable conditions for both advertisers and publishers.

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